I am a beauty conscious person and love handling beauty related conducts. I felt inner-satisfaction for getting people out of today's fast-paced, stressed-out life's pressures. Based on these interests, I got certification on Esthetician from Blench McDonald College in 2007.

Although, I got experience in this field before having professional studies but this course has not only helped me with my knowledge for this career but it has also boosted my self esteem and helped me open up and get to know people better. Now it has been 5 years that I am working as an Esthetician.

Being owning a business that helps people experience more happiness, health, and well-being is a great sense of contentment for me. I am committed to being here for my customers and feel being rewarded by giving them most unique natural spa possible experience. Being providing the naturally sourced, plant derived products;

I want to enhance the connection of the mind, body and spirit with quality, kindness and compassion.